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₱ 500,000.00

Car loan sangla OR CR

Service Information
Car loan sangla OR CR
Additional Description
Afraid of taking your car? Car loan na dito!

We don't take your car, earn cash loan from your car's or cr
We process hours to 1day with no hassle.
Low rate interest per month for only 1.2% interest
Minimal requirements

flexible terms of payments up to 36 months
minor requirements for immediate approval and process
-2 valid Id's
-proof of income
-proof of billing ( proof of residence)
-official receipt certificate registration

Other services offered:

• Car loan OR CR
• 2nd Hand cars/vehicles
• Seaman’s Loan
• OFW Loan
• Doctor’s loan
• Taxi / uv express / jeepney Loan
• Brand new truck
• Truck Loan
Metro Manila
Pasig City
Contact Number
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